Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ben Chapman 1929-2008

Ben Chapman, achieved movie immortality without uttering a word of dialogue or even showing his face. The 6-foot-5 former Marine played the Gill Man in "Creature From The Black Lagoon," the1954 3-D monster movie that developed an enduring cult following.

Chapman, died Thursday at the age of 79.

This was one of my favorite movies growing up. And although he scared the dickens out of me, I also felt sorry for the poor genetically-engineered creature.



Anonymous said...

I love movies, and felt the same way - scared but sad for the creature. Sorry to hear about this death, but appreciate you blogging about it!
Sure have missed you!

Been having to be full-time caretaker for grandma, never any time to post or visit. Hope this finds you and yours well.

Hugs and love

WomanHonorThyself said...

it sure looks scarey just from the pic!

Brooke said...

Wow. RIP, Swamp Thing!

Miladysa said...

I remember that one!

Scared me senseless too :-D

I always ended up crying when the monster got it - King Kong, Frankenstein, what was that other big monkey called - like King Kong? Can you remember? Someone used to sing Beautiful Dreamer to him? My, that film broke my heart :-[

Miladysa said...

Mighty Joe Young!

Remembered as I posted! LOL

cube said...

miladysa: I didn't cry, but I was sad about them. The human intervention always did them in.

My little brother did cry at the DeLaurentis remake of King Kong, but to his credit, he was very young & impressionable at the time.

Yes, I do remember Mighty Joe Young, although I did prefer the original King Kong.

8675309 said...

I had a super cool opportunity to see a drive-in screening of this in 3-D, complete with the cheesy red and blue glasses, just a few summers ago. Such fun...one of the all-time classic movie monsters.

Semper Fishy, Mr. Chapman. Rest in Peace.

cube said...

marti: Good to hear from you again. We're fine. Glad you & yours are well.

jenny: Sounds like fun. I never saw it in 3D.

I miss the drive in, especially the dusk to dawn horror movies. Those were the days.

cary said...

The 6-foot-5 ex-Marine

Actually, former Marine.

Ex-Marine is a term used when the actions are despicable enough to warrant exclusion, like Lee Harvey Oswald and John Murtha.

Ben Chapman was a fine man, and well-suited for his role. Rest in Peace, Ben.

cube said...

cary: Thanks for clarifying that. It was just ignorance on my part and certainly no disrepute on Mr. Chapman.

cary said...

I certainly didn't take it as such; most people are not aware of the distinction until told.

Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

I still like that movie. Hope he can finally be happy.

cube said...

jill: It was always one of my favorites. I think I'm going to rent it from the video store & cajole my girls into watching it. I think they'll like it too.

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