Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Super Duper

796 Super Delegates Could Hold Key To Democratic Nomination

I'm not surprised at how undemocratic this process is, but it sure looks like there is a lot of courting and/or arm-twisting going on in the background.


WomanHonorThyself said...

you know Cube.its all about Change!..blech!!!

Unknown said...

Just another way the voting public gets the shaft.

cube said...

angel: Change just for the sake of change is not necessarily good. A change for the worse won't help the country.

jill: This will affect the voting public on the left. Like Rush says,
even if Obama wins, Billary will be the nominee.

She is pulling every string (and using every morsel of info from the missing FBI files) to force the super delegates to coronate
her at the convention.

Always On Watch said...

Check out this recent essay by Mortimer Zuckerman. I don't agree with his take on superdelegates, but the essay is interesting, nonetheless.

cube said...

aow: He makes some fair points, but I don't agree with Zuckerman's assessment regarding the superiority of the superdelegates to choose for America.

Billary's coronation in a smoke-filled back room at the convention can't possibly be better that people voting without coercion.

Brooke said...

If I were a SuperDelegate, I would demand a JLA style dig to hang out in.

And if you build it for me, I'll give you my SuperVote...

Jan said...

I always forget what superdelegates are between election years. A friend of mine was a delegate to the demo convention several years ago. She had 1/3 of a vote. She wasn't a superdelegate. Or even much of one.

cube said...

brooke: If I were a superdelegate, I'd be steadfastly undecided while I racked up perks from all sides.

Of course, hell would have to freeze over for me to vote democrat, so it's all theoretical.

jan: 1/3 of a vote wouldn't even rate a handshake from Chelsea!