Friday, February 22, 2008

Cat Blog Friday

For this Cat Blog Friday...

... Meatloaf, the cat who survived a 3 week trek in a storage container. An actual photo of the 2-year-old gray cat wasn't available, so I made do.

Curiosity Didn't Kill This Cat: Kitty Heads Home After 3-Week Cross-Country Trek In Locker

This very lucky cat will be given some time to recuperate before being flown back to his home in Florida.

Happy Friday, everybody!


nanc said...

i just lost all taste i ever had for meatloaf!

wonder what it looked like after it was cooked?

>^99^< PKAK!

cube said...

It's just cat shaped, not cat filled. I think it's a rather cute way to get little kids to eat.

I imagine it shrank a bit, and got a bit browner after cooking ;-)

nanc said...

besides - i like bacon wrapped meatloaf with shredded cheese throughout!

Brooke said...

Nanc, I never had ANY taste for meatloaf. Blech!

I have caught our cat in the dryer (not while its on) on several occasions, and he often gets stuck in the closet.

cube said...

nanc: I've never had that meatloaf recipe. I just use the standard Betty Crocker recipe & pair it up with mashed potatoes and stewed green beans. My family likes it & that's the main thing.

brooke: One of our cats likes to sleep in open drawers. She also likes to sleep under the warmth of the desk lamp.

Jen said...

Mmmm, catloaf!

Caz said...

Hey, I knew straight away that it wasn't a picture of a cat.

I sure did.


cube said...

jen: I would've gladly included a photo of Meatloaf the cat had they provided one. I guess he was camera shy.

caz: Clever girl.