Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Big Stick

Found this article via :

24 Hours On The Big Stick: What you can learn about America on the deck of the USS 'Theodore Roosevelt.'

P.J. O'Rourke writes eloquently about spending 24 hours aboard an aircraft carrier and makes some valid political points along the way:

Here's an excerpt:

"Some people say John McCain isn't conservative enough. But there's more to conservatism than low taxes, Jesus, and waterboarding at Gitmo. Conservatism is also a matter of honor, duty, valor, patriotism, self-discipline, responsibility, good order, respect for our national institutions, reverence for the traditions of civilization, and adherence to the political honesty upon which all principles of democracy are based. Given what screw-ups we humans are in these respects, conservatism is also a matter of sense of humor. Heard any good quips lately from Hillary or Barack?"

Food for thought.


Shover Robot said...

I do give McCain Credit for his Patriotism,

which you can't for Hillary or Barack!

cube said...

shover: So do I.

cube said...

QQ: I don't see your post. Sorry.

Anonymous said...


I booted my post yesterday, don't know why, sorry.

Just venting about the state we are in when two obvious blow hards with nothing to offer (Clinton and Obama) but the usual "President Santa Claus" B.S. are even seriously covered as candidates in this upside down world in which we find ourselves.

That anyone would blame the Republicans, other than the panzies that vote with democrats on energy issues, for the current state of energy prices (or food prices, ironically, as we are turning food into fuel which, 1) bids up the price for both and thus, the food that is left costs more and, 2) is more expensive to ship! Thanks dumba__ democrats!) as anything other than the rising demand for energy in an increasingly prosperous world (i.e., China and India to name two examples) is disgraceful.

{Solution: drill for additional oil, build additional refineries and nuke plants-energy demand satisfied! You're welcome.}

Thus the land of the free and home of the brave has become the land where fifty percent do the heavy lifting and the other fifty percent leach off the other half and are pandered to by the Democrats.

Thats right I called them leaches.

The top 50% of income earners paid 99.06% of all federal income taxes last year and yet the two wannabe Saint Nicks are talking about you and me paying our fair share?

How about your constituants get off their lazy asses and work harder, stop gambling, quit vices, stop spending foolishly and abandon other self destrucive behavior before you come to the productive 50% to coerce more free stuff for those who won't help themselves.

I didn't like McCain at first but I see him now as the kind of stoic rebuke this country needs to beat back the plague of sloth that threatens to overwhelm us.

We can not long withstand the growing competitve pressure for resources as the world's populations continue to prosper (we do want this right people?). It is clear to me that fewer and fewer people here (the West) feel any duty to work more and learn new skills in this land of unparalled opportunity.

I have had it with wasting time talking to people who speak in three word sentences or epithets and blame Bush for everything wrong in their lives. It is beyond insipid.

As the Hulk would say,"It's clobberin time."

Just venting!



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