Friday, April 24, 2009

Cat Blog Friday

For this Cat Blog Friday...

... a cat who was unfortunate enough to attend a meeting headed by Obama.


Happy Friday, everybody!


Ananda girl said...

My three favorite things... books, sleep and cats!

This morning I was laughing at your prior post in the library and one of my students said to another... "It's Cat Blog Friday!"

cube said...

Ananda girl: I'm one of those people who don't need much sleep, but hey, I'm with you with books and cats.

It's interesting to watch how memes disseminate through the Internet. Cat Blog Friday is one that sticks in people's minds.

Your comment just made my Friday.

Gecko said...

Lol, great pic! Cats are endless fun + great companions, love 'em.

Z said...

hey, can we call that cat LARRY SUMMERS? :0) (or is that an insult to the cat..sorry)

cube said...

Gecko: Thanks. Glad you liked it. Maybe I'll start Dog Day Wednesday just so dog fans don't feel left out ;-)

Z: lol. I guess the best way to answer your comment would be to ask you, "Would you like to be called Larry Summers?" No, and neither would the poor cat.

Jamie Dawn said...

That cat looks totally relaxed.

Have a nice weekend!!

cube said...

Jamie Dawn: This poor cat was induced into a narcoleptic trance by Obamadronation... it could happen to any of us.

Caz said...

I had to squint and look closely.


Sure it's not a cat on Xanax? :-D

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