Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Because I love the Earth every single day of the year, today I felt the need to highlight my third favorite planet, Saturn.

The Cassini probe has phoned home some fantastic photos of Saturn recently ...

Cosmic Close-up: Sensational Images Of Saturn Show The Ringed Planet In Incredible Detail

Funny how photos of the cosmos make my earthly troubles seem small in comparison, but make my spirit soar in near infinity.


Ananda girl said...

Ooooh...thank you! I'm passing this on to our science goddess and she will thank you too. Fabulous find, Cube.

sue said...

cube - I love Saturn too, but isn't Earth Day about Earth?

cube said...

Ananda Girl: Goody! Providing the science goddess material to disseminate to the children of Earth is high on my To Do list, especially today.

Sue: The BLOG is the home of the
twisted polyhedron, and thus I often hold views that run counter to those of the mainstream herd. I think Earth Day is one of those asinine and arbitrary movements that makes very little sense to me because I love the Earth every single day.

I could posit that if you love breathing, you should celebrate
Nitrogen/Oxygen/Argon/Carbon dioxide/Neon/Helium/Krypton/
Hydrogen/Xenon Gas Day. Do you?

I'm sure Hallmark makes a card for the occasion ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, thanks. It's my third fav too.

sue said...

cube - gotcha

and the pictures of Saturn were spectacular

RightKlik said...

Earth Day? Are you kidding me?

We are a planet of cowardly rubes. We should be thinking about the whole universe, not just our posh little home planet! How selfish we are.

Ours is universe in peril. Every time we eat, bathe, breathe, or even think...we generate entropy. That entropy will eventually bring our universe to a screeching halt. Think about it.

I, for one, pledge to stop generating entropy. It's the least I can do. Get on the bandwaggon, it's time to raise awareness!

Caz said...

Thankfully I don't think I've eaten, inhaled, thought or bathed in entropy in this life time, and if I have, the Milky Way and the rest of the universe have remained blissfully unscathed by my existence.

If it all gets sucked into a black hole some day, I'm pretty sure it won't be my doing.

I'm very fond of Jupiter and Saturn, and Saturn has the best ever moons.