Monday, April 27, 2009

Highly Engaged

The White House says that Barack Obama is "highly engaged" in monitoring the swine flu outbreak that has spread over the border from Mexico into the US. He received a briefing before playing golf for five hours at a course in Andrews Air Force Base on Sunday.


Obama's Host Dies From 'Flu-like Symptoms'

While the Mexican papers are saying Felipe Solis died of pneumonia and not flu.

I guess journalism today is all about taking dramatic license and not reporting the facts.


Ananda girl said...

Swine flue is all anyone is talking about today.

It used to be a point of pride that the press checked it's facts before printing. Now I think they do it as an after thought and only make corrections if they fear getting caught.

Jan said...

People are tossing their pork chops, sausage and bacon away because some kid who had vacationed in Mexico got sick and seven other kids got sick too. Pandemic anyone?

Chuck said...

Actually Ananda that usually don't maqke corrections until after they are caught and hounded.

I posted on this. Not to worry, Janet Napolitano is in charge.

cube said...

Ananda girl: I only mentioned it because of the loving press coverage that BO's golf outing received - yes, he's on the golf course, but he's "highly engaged" and receiving hourly briefs... yada yada.

If it had been Bush, well, let's just say there wouldn't have been a lovefest.

cube said...

Jan: That's so wasteful. I'm no CDC expert, but I would think that cooking pork products would kill any trace of any virus.

The dirty little secret that no one is talking about is that Mexico's socialized medicine isn't handling the swine flu cases as well as our hospitals.

Chuck: Yeah, the steady hand of Janet Napolitano ;-)