Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Speed Reader

A Quest To Read A Book A Day For 365 Days

I don't know where she finds the time...

But while I'm on the subject of books, what are you reading today?


Kasha said...

I nominated myself. If someone like Obama can be elected and even with the Nobel Peace, I have a huge chance at winning the Heismann. I am fascinated by your current reading selection. Oh to have time to read again. Now that I am a mom I feel the need to read every book possible on the subject, but have so many things I really wish to read!
P.S. I am learning the books aren't going to make me the perfect parent. Darn.

Jan said...

Assuming the woman won't be reading by candlelight in a homeless shelter, she must have good financial support.

Oh, and, Kasha, I have my heart set on winning the Heismann.

cube said...

Anything can happen now that we've fallen down the rabbit hole.
I can only hope voter sanity returns in 2010.

As far as reading goes, I, too, long for the days when I had hours of open-ended time to read.


The pace of life changes when you have children, although my girls are in their teens now and don't need me as much as they did when they were little.

One thing I learned along the way is that there is no such thing as a perfect parent. Mr. Cube and I tried to avoid the mistakes we made with our first daughter and ended up making new mistakes with our second ;-) You just do the best you can.

cube said...

Jan: She & her husband are lawyers. They are comfortable. I just can't imagine reading a whole book every single day. I suppose she will write a book about it when the year is up.

You and Kasha can vie for the Heismann. Me, I'm aiming for the Medal of Honor.

Hey, I'm as unqualified as anybody else.

Ananda girl said...

I love to read, but even for me that is too much. I'd never retain the information. I have not had time to read recently. I guess I do now but have not selected a book yet.

cube said...

Ananda Girl: I agree about the pace being too fast even for an avid reader like myself.

I don't have a problem finding a book to read, though. My To Read List is virtually endless. I can't help myself.

Unknown said...

Good grief! A book a day? How many pages in each? Try reading a Bram Stoker novel in one day, hard. I'm currently reading Stephen Kings' Duma Key, then I move on to either Scarpetta by Patricia Cornwall or Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. After that...who knows. It make take me a while to get through the three I have now.

cube said...

Jill: I just tried to access the article to check my facts and they now require registration. Bah to that, NY Slimes!

I think it mentioned that she tries to keep to books with 250 pages or less. I find that far too much to read in one day. I may be able to do it once in a while, but certainly not every day.

nanc said...

In the midst of "Common Sense" by Glenn Beck.