Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bogus Bug Eaters

The UN Says Eating Bugs Will Save The Planet

Meanwhile UN dignitaries are devouring Imperial Wagyu beef and lobsters at warp speed... yeah, when they start eating giant South American ants and scorpions maybe I'll consider it.

Then again, maybe not.



Jan said...

I am so tired of people i don't know telling me what to eat. Unless it tastes like bacon, just forget it.

Chuck said...

I say we teach the UN leadership to eat their young

Teresa said...

This is NUTS! The U.N. needs to test out all the bugs in the world to let us know how tasty each bug is before any other human is forced to eat a bug. That'll keep em busy for awhile.

cube said...

Jan: Me too. Although they did tell this journalist that the giant ants supposedly tasted like bacon (ueah, the ones with eyes the size of currants... Yikes!), she reports that they didn't taste like bacon, at all.

I think it's all a ruse.

The only thing that tastes like bacon is bacon. Don't be fooled.

cube said...

Chuck: lol. That's a start.

Teresa: Exactly. There are many species of bugs to keep them busy.

Patrick Carroll said...

"...breaded alligator, crispy pig’s ears, donkey salami..."

Hmmmmmm...Donkey Salami...On Rye with a pickle on the side perhaps or maybe a serving of crispy maggots?


Ananda girl said...

Well, I suppose first I should admit that I love escargot and the chocolate covered crickets were not bad at all, which proves that you can eat anything covered in chocolate.

But bugs as a steady diet? No thanks.

Once my older kids convinced my youngest that Mc D's burgers had ground earth worms in them. He has not eaten one since.

I guess the UN has nothing better to do eh?

cube said...

Patrick Carroll: I'm not very adventurous when it comes to eating exotic foods, but I have eaten gator and shark. Both were yummy. I'd even eat donkey salami if someone were serving it to me, but bugs are definitely off the menu.

cube said...

Ananda Girl: The UN is a joke. They're living large and the rest of us have to eat bugs? Please.

You are braver than I am to eat a cricket. I don't care how much chocolate you dollop on the sucker.

Your story about the worms in the McD burgers made me lol. Honestly, it reminds me of some of the horrid things I used to do to my sisters. What's an older sister for, right?

They were bad at eating veggies, so I came up with CCO juice - carrots, celery, and orange juice. I made it in the blender, then I strained the pulp, and it wasn't bad. My mom loved the idea.

My sisters were mortified at the veggie concoction, and as if that wasn't evil enough, when my mom wasn't watching, I pretended to spit into the blender. The key word is pretended. I NEVER really spit into it.

To this day, my poor sisters still think that I did and they were forced to drink every last drop.

I was such a brat.

Ananda girl said...

Hahahahaha--- I love that story! I was the baby, so the joke was often on me. But then I had the power to tell mom that one or the other had hit me when they hadn't and watch the sparks fly. Mama really did like me best. ;-)

As for the UN... what ##$*$$#! Michelle Antoinetee fits right in with that ilk... Let them eat cake!

Brooke said...

No thanks.

And I'm with Chuck. But why stop at the UN when there are so many 'progressives' out there?

Patrick Carroll said...

Cube - SHARK is great, it's very popular in Australia. We call it "Flake".

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