Monday, August 09, 2010

Mars, Anyone?

Stephen Hawking: Abandon The Earth

Don't laugh. If Michelle Antoinette Obama decides to vacation in Mars next summer, the American taxpayers WILL be forced to fund that trip, too.

Hmmm, I wonder if we could make it one way?


Just kidding, Secret Service. Just kidding!

[The BLOG note: Hat tip to for the excellent photo.]


LL said...

Would it help educate Muslims if we dumped Michelle Obama's large rear on a rocket and sent her to Mars?

I suspect that it would -- and that would help NASA apply their funding to a useful purpose.

Karen K said...

I say we dump all of the Muzzies on Mars. This way they can have their own world and leave earth to us.

Jan said...

I don't think they'd like their own planet any more than they like their own countries.

cube said...

LL: I don't know if even that will help educate them. The inculcated are hard to reach.

Karen Howes: heh heh. I really like Mars. How 'bout we give them Venus?

cube said...

Jan: They do have a mean streak towards pretty much everything.

Chuck said...

I agree on both accounts

-we need to leave the Earth eventually to survive


-send the Obamas to Mars

Z said...

I had to laugh at her going to Mars and STAYING there...because I have a little group that prays together and one of the girls once day said "And, Lord, we lift up President Obama to you..." And I said "Ya, and could you please keep him UP THERE?" :-)

Ananda girl said...

Z-- Hahahahaha! I like that.

I think sending them one way would be an excellent use of our tax dollars for a change.

Loved the graphic!

Anonymous said...

I really like Mars. Want to got there myself, if it were possible. And stay, if it were possible.

I think the planet Mercury would be more then adequate for the O's and their left support. I think the temperature of Mercury would be more to the need.


cube said...

Chuck: Hear, hear.

Z: lol. I hear ya! It's not easy dealing with the daily barrage of boneheaded/anti-American Obama news.

Ananda Girl: :-)

rw: I suggested Venus, but Mercury would work too ;-)