Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Judas Goat

Sheriff Taylor's Health Pitch Sparks Cardiac Arrest

You, sir, are no Sheriff Andy Taylor.

And you, sir, are no Ben Matlock.

Do you know that Griffith personally hated the actress that played Aunt Bea in real life?

Apparently, he's a better actor than I thought all these years.


LL said...

Andy Griffith is a small hearted, mean spirited, angry narcissist.

Chuck said...

This goes with the millions we spent to advertise the TARP construction

Jan said...

I was pretty much feeling sorry for his dementia until i read the price tag. Now I'm looking for a place to bang my head.

Teresa said...

Andy Griffith has gone and lost his mind. He has been corrupted by Ron Howard and Obama. Now, he's cooperating in screwing the American people. This craziness has got to stop!

birdwoman said...

Andy G is just an actor. They will say anything for a paycheck. And the better they lie, the bigger the paycheck. He probably could give two rat turds about health care, but he liked the paycheck.

I wonder, if they offered me a million dollars to say "Obamacare is GRRRRREAT!" like tony the tiger, could I? Probably. And I'm not even an actor. I affirm a lot of opinions I don't actually hold as a teacher, simply because to say something else could get me fired!


cube said...

LL: I really didn't know much about him personally except for a comment from a guest star on Matlock who said she was surprised by his lack of graciousness.

Chuck: We should change the name of the TARP Fund to Obama's Slush Fund.

Jan: $700,000 for a few hours work. I wonder who is more demented?

cube said...

Teresa: I don't know why the majority of actors are liberal. Maybe it warps your brain when gobs of money are thrown your way for doing so little when you know the rest of the world toils hard for so much less.

Birdwoman: You make a good point. Griffin is and, always has been, an actor. It's our mistake to think that he really was anything like the characters he played on TV.

I think it is a stroke of evil genius to use him to con all the old people into liking Obamacare because Sheriff Taylor wouldn't steer them wrong.

Karen K said...

As I said elsewhere, welcome to the new feudal system (hint: we're the serfs).

EDGE said...

I've known people that have worked with him and all have told me the guy is a first class a--hole...and a lib...not that there's much difference.

cube said...

Karen Howes: I know it. Otherwise I would've been in Spain as Michelle Antoinette's 41st closest friend.

EDGE: That fits in to what the guest star on Matlock said about him too in my earlier comment.

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