Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fleeting Time

This list is compiled every year and there are some interesting items, but I found the first item shocking...

The Beloit College Mindset List For The Class of 2014

I know schools have become increasingly education-challenged over the years, but few in the class of 2014 knew how to write in cursive?

That's unbelievable.


BeckEye said...

My cursive is like a weird combination of cursive and printing. But that's just my style. I rebel against things like capital Qs that look like 2s.

cube said...

I have a weird combination too. Nobody writes exactly as they were taught in school, but at least they did learn cursive.

What DO they teach in school nowadays?

Always On Watch said...

For at least the past two decades, I've been running into high school and college students who don't know how to read or write in cursive.

Fact about cursive: it helps the brain to cross the midline and, thereby, to think and remember better. In days gone by, educators might not have know that fact as science, but they did see the powerful results of teaching cursive early on.

Chuck said...

My dad was winding his watch and one of my cousin's kids was genuinely confused about this.

Cool list.

I am not real old but I can remember the first time I saw Wizard of Oz in color, I was beside myself.

Brooke said...

What an amazing list! I remember some of the stuff on it!

cube said...

Always On Watch: Thank you for your educational perspective. My daughters learned cursive and I had no idea that there were schools that eschewed teaching it. Unbelievable.

Chuck: My kids have never lived in a world without remotes. In my day, our parents would make us get up and change the TV channel and, even worse, jiggle the antenna until the reception improved - the latter could take a long time.

cube said...

Brooke: It is amazing to see the swift passage of time, but it makes me feel older than I am.

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