Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Down Woah!

Obama's Indonesian Gay Nanny And Other Things From His Past

During the interim between ten years old and college, Obama was mentored by Frank Davis Marshall, not only a self-avowed communist, but a man who wrote a book entitled, "Sex Rebel", under a pseudonym. O-kay.

Then we fast forward to Chicago, and we read about: Obama Member Of Chicago Gay Mans Club

Don't even get me started on the Larry Sinclair Romps

This isn't all the information there is, either. There is much more out there. Does it matter to the people of the USA? Now that's the million dollar question.


Jan said...

Sorry about the viruses, but better the computer than you.

We do need you to keep us up on why we are experiencing a one term president.

cube said...

Funny you would say that. My eldest had to have three impacted wisdom teeth removed on Friday and I certainly would've traded places with her for that. Luckily, all went very well and she is recovering nicely.

As far as the computer viruses go, you are so right about better them than us. I'm not willing to take the hit for a computer, but it is still stressful having to pick up the pieces of a broken system.

Oy! Today, I have spent many hours speaking to a nice girl from India,
two nice people from the US and one cold, unfriendly one. Go figure.

AnnoyingJoe said...


for the most in depth interview of Mr. Sinclair.

Chuck said...

Add it to the list

Anonymous said...

It matters as much as Lynne Cheney's book about lesbians (Sisters 1981). We all know gay people, even when you think you don't, and I don't care about his club memberships. Ahh, when you're famous dozens of people will "remember" having romps with you.

DaBlade said...

I don't know if Barry is gay or not. When someone figures out whether Michelle is a man or a woman, we may get our answer.

cube said...

Annoying Joe: All I saw was a shot of a bunch of limos and, probably because of my recent computer woes, couldn't access the sound either. I'll have to try again later.

cube said...

Chuck: That's exactly the point. This is just one more mystery that surrounds BO because he wasn't properly vetted for the job as president.

rctlfy: As Chuck pointed out, it is just one more item on the list of things we don't know about the charade that is Obama. The 'alluded to' gayness would be the last thing I would object to about Obama. His marxist, black liberation theology, America hating policies scare me more than his sexual proclivities.

DaBlade: lol. Don't be hating on the first wookie.

Z said...


Other than that.......too much smoke, in my opinion...must be some fire. But, who cares; heck, the guy could be born elsewhere, he's a socialist, he's wrecking our country, how the heck much MORE can we take?
Chuck's right...add it to the list.

AnnoyingJoe said...

Cube, just do a "Opie Anthony Larry Sinclair" search on Youtube when you get a chance. Its a real hoot.

Good luck with the CPU

Teresa said...

Thanks for exposing more of the romps of Obama. No matter whether he's gay or not, he is ruining this country, and he must be stopped!! We must make him a one term president.

Karen K said...

Wow. Just when you think it can't get any more embarrassing!

Anonymous said...

the down low lol