Friday, July 15, 2011

Cat Blog Friday

For this Cat Blog Friday...

... a wizard cat dressed for the midnight premiere of "Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows- Part 2". My daughters and I were in attendance and received 3-D glasses shaped like Harry Potter's.


The theater lobby looked like the halls of Hogwarts with all the costumes and fun was had by all, young and old.

Happy *yawn* Friday, everybody!


Brooke said...

I am genuinely glad that you and your daughters had a wonderful time at the new Harry Potter movie.

That said, I hope that the slimy guy without a nose kills Potter, the red-head and the chick, and then Alan Rickman shows up and cuts his heart out with a spoon.


Jan said...

We opted out for wimpy reasons and will catch it today, but we envy your stamina.

cube said...

Brooke: lol. Please don't hold back. Tell me how you really feel ;-)

Jan: My girls pre-ordered 3 tickets. On Thursday, I found out my daughter's friend wrecked her car and would not be able to go so I took her place. I fully intended to watch the movie later on, but had not planned on attending the midnight show. Now I'm glad I did.

Tomorrow is my eldest daughter's
21st birthday party. It's going to be a long weekend for me, but it's all good.

Trekkie4Ever said...

Not a fan, at all, of Harry Potter. But I love the kitty!

Cats rule, dogs drool.

Trekkie4Ever said...
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Always On Watch said...

That kitty is quite tolerant of wearing a costume.

Cute picture.

silly rabbit said...

Ha! I love it!
That sounds like it must have been wonderful fun.
I began reading that series out loud to my kids when they were young and finished it when some were out of high school. Mostly because once Rowling got into movies, the books came more slowly.
Happy birthday to your oldest! Woot!
I'm sure you will all have a great weekend.

sue said...

Cube - That is one beautiful white cat.

The Harry Potter movie - complete with fans in costume - sounded like fun!

I've been to various midnight showings before, but only one person was in costume, for Superman Returns.

After the movie, I smiled at the young guy and said, 'Now you can fly home!"

cube said...

Leticia: I got into Harry Potter when my girls were little. I wanted to see for myself what they were reading and I got hooked.

Always On Watch: Yes, it is a well-poised, tolerant cat. My cats don't take to costumes.

cube said...

Silly Rabbit: It was fun to be part of the energy generated by the group. Several girls were dressed as
as Doby the house elf, but most of the kids were wearing the black robes and carrying wands.

Trekkie4Ever said...

Nothing better than spending quality time with your children.

My boys love Star Trek, of course, and Star Wars.

Teresa said...

I love the pic of the wizard cat! Sounds like you guys had a blast! I hope to see the Harry Potter movie next week. It looks great!

Z said...

I've never read one and never seen one of the films...I'm always behind the times!

Patrick Carroll said...

I've heard good things about this latest installment. I must admit to not having seen any of them. Maybe one day soon I'll catch up with them all on DVD!

cube said...

Leticia: Absolutely. I had a great time with my girls and their friends.

To my chagrin, my girls preferred
Star Wars growing up. Go figure.

cube said...

Teresa: As much as I have enjoyed all of the movies, I enjoyed reading the books even more. However, the best part of watching the movies was the shared experience with my girls.

cube said...

Sue: lol. That poor kid. Being the only one in costume must have been tough on him. I hope he didn't have self-esteem issues.

This was my first midnight movie and I felt under dressed with a black polo shirt with a Hogwarts logo. Of course, we all had the round 3-D glasses.

cube said...

Z: It was my girls that got my into reading the books. There was a lot of talk at the time about how they were evil, etc., and I read them to make sure they were appropriate for children. I got hooked myself.

Patrick Carroll: This last one was
better than some of the other installments, but they don't compare to the detail from the books.