Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Colorful Characters

Colorful Character Of Jose Baez, Casey Anthony Defense Attorney

Yeah, it's not a picture of Jose Baez, but this expression of Judge Belvin Perry cracked me up and I wanted to include it.

Back to Baez...

I know he's the legal man of the hour right now, but I frequently complained about his sleazy hijinks during the trial. I wouldn't refer to his history as "colorful", but in one fell swoop, he has catapulted himself into Johnny Cochran territory.

And defense attorney Cheney Mason was caught flipping off the media during their celebration

Our legal system at work.



silly rabbit said...

I cannot tell you what a huge let down that verdict was to me!
I'm chalking it up to how difficult it must be to condemn a person to death. I don't think the jury wanted to be responsible for that.
I can't think of any other excuse.
That pic! LOL

Jan said...

You find the funniest pictures ever.

I'm really glad this case is over. I can't believe how caught up I was in reading about it.

Trekkie4Ever said...

Agreed, very funny picture.

The verdict, not so much.

Chuck said...

I think she got away with murder.

Now, with our wonderfully sleazy culture, she is going to make a killing of a different sort.

Sandra Wilkes said...

I'd hate to have a camera catching all my moments for weeks on end! This is a funny one for sure! I'm glad it's over too. Totally shocked at the outcome. It seems wrong. Thx for visiting my blog.

Z said...

That picture! "Belvin and the BLOWFISH!"?

And the finger? What a REAL class act Casey got for her defense, huh?

Chuck, she's going to be RICH ...what a country

Teresa said...

I heard the investigators are going after Casey for the money they spent on a wild goose chase due to her lying to them so she may not be wealthy right off the bat.

I think she got away with murder, also.

Funny pic, LOL!

Lisa said...

I hope she doesn't write a book titled "If I did it"

Karen K said...

What do you call 10 lawyers at the bottom of a lake?

A good start.

dmarks said...

Attorneys who lie in the courtroom in order to make sure the guilty escape justice are below contempt. Unethical scum.