Monday, July 18, 2011

Soccer Family

Obama Tweets Apology To USWNT

I would fire the person who staged this united family fun photo...

You couldn't find some shoes? Or some smiles?



Brooke said...

Can't you just FEEL the love in that room?

I can't help but notice that Obama and Moooochelle are sitting in the exact same undignified pose.

cube said...

No love. No dignity. No class. This administration can't even do a manufactured photo right.

At least BO is wearing shoes. I know wookies hate those ;-)

Jan said...

I can imagine the handlers singing "What do the simple folks do" and then posing the first family.

cube said...

Jan: lol. I can't explain how anyone in touch with the real world could look at that photo and give it the official approval to be released to us peons. I'm just shaking my head.

silly rabbit said...

I see he backed them the way he backs the American people. No real interest in what matters.

cube said...

Silly Rabbit: You are so right. It's only important if it affects BO personally. This is just so much piffle.

As for the wookie and the wookies-in-training, well, there was no ice cream or lobster to stuff in their faces. I can almost feel their pain ;-)

Z said...

i wonder how long they made the kids sit there for that picture?

The bare feet REALLY bug me....My dad didn't even like us barefoot in our house! It's something that's clung with me (tho I do go barefoot now) That's creepy; no dignity...but at least NO HAMBURGERS AND FRIES :-) (that we can see)

Patrick Carroll said...

They really are a far cry from being presidential ain't they?

Always On Watch said...

They don't look as if they're having a good time.

Obviously staged -- scowls and all.

Always On Watch said...

They're trying to look intense, I think. Doesn't come off well at all.

dmarks said...

Yeah. Americans intense about soccer. Yeah, it always comes across as fake.

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