Friday, July 29, 2011

Cat Blog Friday

For this Cat Blog Friday...

... my idea of a cat's response to the evil human who did this to an innocent cat...

Sniper Shot Cat On Family's Porch

Have an otherwise happy Friday, everybody.


silly rabbit said...

I hope kitty zeros in on him and starts at his knee caps and goes on up.

First animals, then people. I can't believe how the neighbors seem to have such a lax attitude about it. They should be worried!

They don't really say if the cat was murdered or not, but I'm assuming that it was. How horrible!

Brooke said...

That's terrible. I have joked (really, just joking) about taking a .22 or training the dogs to go after some of the feral cats whose owners WILL NOT take care of around here, but I would never, ever do it! There are humane methods of trapping a truly troublesome cat!

Apparently someone had finally had up with the roaming cat, but STILL, animal control, ect, could have been called in!

cube said...

Silly Rabbit: Exactly. Who's to say
this nut won't go after people next if he gets away with picking on this poor kitty?

If I lived in that neighborhood, I'd be pushing the cops to get to the bottom of this before it escalates.

cube said...

Brooke: Taking care of a troublesome cat is one way to think of this case. Who knows what the killer was thinking.

As sad as the dead of one cat is, I'm more concerned with an escalation of the shootings. In any event, this person needs to be punished.

silly rabbit said...

I strongly agree. This person has a serious mental issue. It wasn't shot in someone's yard as a trespasser, it was on a neighbor's porch. A even if it was, a good squirt with a hose would send it packing. Squirt it enough times and it won't go back.

Jan said...

I think people are beginning to take attacks on animals seriously as they so often indicate who will be attacking humans next.

sue said...

Cube - It is so disgusting to think someone would do something like that.


There used to be a picture on Google (I just checked and it isn't there anymore.)

It was of a kitten aiming a rifle out of the window of a home. Now that I've heard about this evil deed, I like to think that the kitten was aiming at that sniper!

Have a great weekend.

cube said...

Silly Rabbit: You're right. There are humane ways to deal with errant animals and this was not one of them. Most of us can't imagine shooting them. This is a sicko.

Jan: There are enough crime show profiling/forensic shows on TV that have educated the public on the roots of criminal behavior. Hurting animals isn't necessarily a sign of a serial killer, but it may be the sign of a person without compassion for life, whether animal or human.