Tuesday, May 21, 2019

France Not France?


The gall of these invaders makes me sick.

How long before unlimited immigration will make America not the America we know and love?"


LL said...

The French sold their birthright when they invited unrestricted immigration by jihadis. Khomeini lived there rent free. Now they woke up and things aren't the way that they expected them to turn out.

It's not a new story. Charles Martel dealt with the Mohammedans a long time ago and kicked them back into the deserts. They either need to resurrect him and prop him on a horse like the Spanish did with El Cid, or come up with an alternative. Or maybe they will just say, "aloha snack bar" and leave the rest to the Imams.

Sandee said...

We are pretty much doing the same thing here. We've seen a huge influx of Muslims here.

Have a fabulous day. ♥

Kid said...

It has already happened in Minnesotastan. Read some somali vermin went and attacked a bunch of American's with hammers yesterday or today.

We may see a change. Apparently a lot of what they're calling populists / nationalists are running in the EU countries. We'll know in a week from today if enough of them have pulled their heads out.

Man, suicide by stinking moslem savage vermin. Who'd a thunk.

cube said...

LL: Yes, the French teetered on the liberal/progressive brink for a while and it could be too late for them to get their country back. Same with the Brits.

We need to fight tooth and nail against the same thing happening here.

cube said...

Sandee: It isn't just the moslems, although I consider them and their sharia law very dangerous, the influx of undocumented aliens from any third world country is a danger to our country, whether by active criminality or by people who will be a burden to our country's welfare system. Is there a country in this world that isn't allowed some kind of control over who enters their country?

cube said...

Kid: Yes, it's like we're closing the opening to the well after the child has drowned. We're late to the game on the moslem invasion in parts of Minnesota.

Mike_C said...

Parts of these United States are already colonized. I was in Dearbornistan recently, and observed what you'd expect. Going to a local (halal) burger place was interesting. No one was hostile (customers seemed to ignore me; though staff was clearly surprised by my presence) but despite an hour wait (to actually get your food after ordering, not to get seated) for the Muslim customers (everyone except for me), they made a special point of telling me that they were going to hurry my order so I could be on my way. As it happened, a mere fifteen-minute wait for the kafir! Make of that what you will, because I'm not sure how to interpret it.

Quite a different experience from my sporadic treks to Lewiston-Auburn, Maine which has gone from basically zero blacks (American or African born) to about 10% Somali in the space of a decade or so.

Dearborn, MI and L-A, ME are at the extrema, but I see more headscarf-wearing women all over the country now. The increase has been explosive over the last 5-6 years.

messymimi said...

Human nature continues to astound me, and you would think by now i would be used to it.

Heaven help us.