Wednesday, May 04, 2005


At the Sedgwick County District Court, Dennis Rader, accused of being Wichita's notorious BTK killer, entered a plea of not guilty to 10 murders. Citing rampant dyslexia at the police department, he implicated TBK, the Burger King, as the real killer.


SeniorGato said...

That Burger King guy really creaps me out.... He's freaky

cube said...

I know...the BK dude is serial killer scary.

He's feaky weird!

Why is Burger King using him in their ads? This is New Coke stoopid!

Mr. Outrageous Ebay Auctions said...

If you looked out your window and saw that freak staring in your window what you do? I doubt youd just stare back at him.
Burger King has freaky ads in general. Check out

You can order the chicken to do anything.

cube said...

The chicken isn't subserviant, it's retarded. I told it to sit on the floor & it began to do Pilates.

I told it to watch TV & it began to kick like a Rockette.

Or perhaps English is it's second language?