Thursday, May 19, 2005

Geek Day

The midnight premiere of the final installment of the Star Wars saga has unleashed the inner geek in previously closeted (and not-so-closeted) geeks worldwide.

Heretofore normal people are grabbing their light sabers, donning 45 pound Imperial Stormtrooper uniforms or X-Wing pilot suits, dressing their kids as baby Jedi knights and burlap-hooded Jawas complete with glowing red eyes.

So, a friendly reminder to all the cool people out there, when someone near you suddenly jumps up & declares their geeknicity, please be kind.

I'll be the one in the Darth Vader outfit...


Meepers said...

"Which one of the buttons calls your parents to pick you up?" - Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

No, but seriously, "geeknicity" is a great word!!! Where did you come up with it?

I'll be missing said film until it hits DVD, sadly. My hubby is going without me.

cube said...

Geeknicity is a product of my warped mind.

Thank you for your kind comments.

Molly said...

Well, how was it? Can you see through that darth vader headpiece?

I do not live up to any standard of geeknicity at least when it comes to Star Wars, I am content to wait until the crowds die down and go and see it in my jeans.

cube said...

I was just kidding...There is no way I'd sit through a movie in such a cumbersome outfit.

Once the crowds die down a bit, I really want to go wearing a Star Trek t-shirt.

Avant'Garde said...

Didya read the news? Some guy dressed as Vader flashed himself in public.

Gosh was that you Cube?

cube said...

Me? No way! Sheesh, I'd never do something cheesy like that.

I haven't even seen the film & will probably wait until the lines & the kooks subside. You know how looney those Star Wars fans are.

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