Monday, May 16, 2005

Religous Intolerance

As much as I despise the recent lack of journalistic integrity evident in stories released by "respected" news organizations as the New York Times, USA Today and CBS News, & Newsweek, the actions of the hateful fanatics who spill out into the streets & kill over the words in a book are even worse.

Despite the non-retraction & semi-apology by Newsweek, the malefic mobs, who never need much of a reason to get whipped up into a red-hot intensity, remain whipped up into a red-hot intensity of anti-American ideation.

Don't they know how hard it is to flush a book?


Michael said...

Cube, that's the first thing that crossed my the heck can a book be flushed down a toilet?

cube said...

Too bad it didn't occur to the intolerant nutjobs running around shooting into the air & calling for death to America.

Michael said...

You're referring to the nutjobs in Berkely, correct?

cube said...

No, the nutjobs in Berkley are a different post altogether.

Voracious Reader said...

Hear! Hear! Reporters are so willing to believe the worst about the US.

I wonder what the rioters (and press) will do now that we know it was actually detainees who tore up the Koran and stuffed the pages in the toilets in an effort to stop up the plumbing?

cube said...

Well, first they will blame President Bush...

Avant'Garde said...

Whats a koran doing with a US detainee anyway? (if the detainee aint a muslim)

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