Friday, May 20, 2005

Holy Hipocrisy

An article from the Opinion Journal entitled Hypocrisy Most Holy outlines abuses by the Saudi hard-line Wahhabi theocracy on symbols of Christianity, such as crosses and the Bible.

Written by Ali al-Ahmed, director of the Saudi Institute in Washington, the article details examples of religious intolerance such as the beheading of a Muslim on a charge of apostasy for owning a Bible, the routine burning of Bibles that are confiscated, etc. It makes for an infuriating read.

The conclusion Mr. al-Ahmed reaches is simple: If Muslims wish other religions to respect their beliefs, they should stop being intolerant of the religious beliefs of

Respect is a two way street.


Molly said...

Indeed, it is (on respect being a two way street)

cube said...

It didn't occur to me until after I posted...why isn't this article plastered all over the media? Why isn't it being reported?

Mattithyahu said...

Because heaven forbid the media says anything criticizing Islam (even if it is coming from a Muslim)!

It is also odd that such extreme measures are taken against the Bible considering the same foundational roots and that Christians (and Jews) are supposed to be respected as "People of the Book".

tlm said...

Well it's not that simple, unfortunately. I believe the Qur'an prohibits such tolerance.

(I'd look it up to be sure, but my copy is currently lodged in my bathroom pipes.)

Voracious Reader said...

Good luck getting the media to tout anything remotely related to advocating a two-way street of tolerance.

Religious tolerance flows in one direction, i.e., away from Christianity.

I'm in a cynical mood. I spent yesterday and today reviewing child abuse investigation materials.

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