Thursday, May 19, 2005

How Logical Are you?

OK, I don't usually take these Internet quizzes because I think most of them are meaningless...I mean, who cares what kind of pasta shape you are? Or flower? Or letter? Hello?

Then I ran across this one that is better than most because it's an actual test & not opinionated drivel. You either get the right answer or you don't.

So go ahead & take it if you dare...

You Are Incredibly Logical

(You got 100% of the questions right)

Move over Spock - you're the new master of logic

You think rationally, clearly, and quickly.

A seasoned problem solver, your mind is like a computer!


Voracious Reader said...

Hey, hey, not too shabby!

cube said...

That's like the pot calling the kettle black.

Avant'Garde said...

I got 75%. Got question 6 and 8 wrong. Didnt read properly. Aiks!