Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hero Time

I dare you to keep a dry eye when you watch this video.

I double dare you!


Teresa said...

Teary eyed now... Excellent video!

That was wonderful! God Bless our troops. Bush is great! He went out of his way to show his appreciation for our troops.

dmarks said...

Former Pres. Bush served in the armed services. Bush liked to tell the American people what was really going on with Iraq. Bush did not campaign on his ignorance of foreign policy matters. Bush knew that the only viable exit strategy was defeating the terrorists.

Which puts him in contrast with.... well you fill in the blank.

Brooke said...

You'll never ever catch Obama doing something like this.

Great video!

Z said...

I cried, just feels so good to see patriotism and REAL CARING. Those soldiers looked so happy to be home and so happy and amazed to be meeting the man who'd sent them there. THAT says a LOT.
And Brooke's right, of'll never see Obama doing anything like this.

commoncents said...


THANK YOU for posting! I always love visiting...

Common Cents

cube said...

Teresa: Yeah, I got misty too. Little did those troops know the
surprise that awaited them when they arrived at the airport that day. It was a beautiful thing to watch.

dmarks: So true. That's exactly why narcissists who have no experience running anything and who have a head full of revolutionary marxist black liberation theology should never be made president of anything, much less the USA.

cube said...

Brooke: The signs are very obvious that Obama doesn't share the love of this country and the troops that keep us free... something that President Bush exuded though every pore.

I know I disagreed with Bush on some issues, but damn, I sure miss having a grown up in charge of our country.

Always On Watch said...

I saw this video yesterday. Great stuff!

I had some bones to pick with GWB. However, when it comes to empathizing with and caring about our troops, GWB is so far about BHO that I don't have the words to express the difference between the two men.

Jan said...

Loved the video, Doesn't this seem like it was all a long time ago? Can't we go back there?

Patrick Carroll said...

Well, I shed a tear. And I was also gonna comment about Obama, but others already have.

Karen K said...

I watched, but was unable to keep my eyes dry either... very nice!

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