Thursday, November 11, 2010

The High Life

I thought this picture of Moochelle wearing a $635 pair of Maison Martin Margiela shoes is the perfect compliment for this piece from American Thinker:

The Further Adventures Of Michelle And Barack In India

A tin ear never listens.

[The BLOG note: Click on photo to enlarge image... IF YOU DARE!]


Jan said...

Seriously $635 for ugly shoes? I am so out of style.

cube said...

No, you aren't, Moochie is the one without a sense of style. Those shoes would be horrible even at a Payless buy one get the second pair half off sale.

Chuck said...

It's really nice that she went and rubbed elbows with these poor children. To have someone of her station there must have been quite a treat.

AnnoyingJoe said...

Moochelle? Really? What in the world does a first lady's shoes or physical build have to to with a President's questionable policy choices?

"OMG. Seriously! could you ba-LEEVE what she was wearing? Uh! as IF! And how dare she touch poor people."

cube said...

Chuck: This is so wrong on so many levels that I don't know where to start. Honestly, this is so over the top.

She's talking about 'knowing about poverty' to children who pilfer through trash for food and live and sleep in sewage-filled streets.

She gave these children white house stationary and M&Ms? I'm thinking you couldn't have forsaken one lobster dinner and given these children some real help? How about some food... or some money. Oy, this couple is painful to watch because they don't represent the USA.

cube said...

Annoying Joe: The very commenters that once referred to President Bush as Hitler, are the very ones that are calling for restraint from conservatives when we question Obama and his Marxist/Black Liberation Theology background. I guess in their minds, free speech only applies to left speech.

Z said...

Dear God,
do not let me see any footage of Mrs. Obama, barefoot, with a tambourine and dancing with 'reckless abandon', okay?
Your Friend, Z

cube said...

Z: Wait until you see my next post... it will make you yearn for hairy armpit-waving, tambourine playing, and barefoot dancing with reckless abandon.

Heh heh.

AnnoyingJoe said...

I suppose your right (by "right" I mean correct.)

If its going to go absurd one way, why not every which way?

She does have a whacky-ass build though.

Look for robot #3 later this eve.!

Chuck said...

Cube, what do you think the odds are these kids have writing implements or know how to use them?

It is the picture of someone who genuinely doesn't get it.