Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Sun Causes Climate Change Shock

Those who profited from promoting Anthropogenic Climate Change/Global Warming hysteria will get their comeuppance one day.


Brooke said...



According to Al Gore, if you deny global warming you are now a Bull Connor racist.

I wonder if he realizes that Bull Connor was a Democrat?

cube said...

I wonder if algore remembers that his own father marched on the side that was denying civil rights to blacks back in the day.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney's dad marched with MLK.

It is amazing how easy it is for the MSM to snow the American public.

The next time somebody starts talking big about our free press, I'm going to smack them vigorously about the head.

I've had it.

Jan said...

Terrific article. I'm forwarding it on.

sue said...

Cube - Wow! You go girl. :=)

cube said...

Jan: Please do pass it on. This is the first I've heard of it so it's not getting a whole lot of attention for an article that came out last week.

cube said...

Sue: Thanks. Good to have you back :-)

silly rabbit said...

I'll be passing this one on too. I always find great stuff here. Even in the comments.

cube said...

Silly Rabbit: Thank you. Coming from you that means a lot.

sue said...

Thanks, Cube.

yes, I'm back - but for how long?


Z said...

I wish Mr Z could read this; he'd be cheering. I bookmarked it for future ammunition. THanks, Cube.

Always On Watch said...

It's Al Gore and his global-warming BS that cause shock and insanity.

cube said...

Sue: It's all up to you. I do want to add that you shouldn't feel as though you must censor your speech here. I may not agree with it, but don't feel as though you must hold back. I can take it.

cube said...

Z: I wish he'd seen it as well. We'll all see more of it in the future. There's no supporting this hoax much longer.

Always On Watch: Privately Gore must be pulling out what little hair he has left over this CLOUD study. Of course, publicly he will continue the fight for anthropogenic climate change at our expense.

sue said...

Cube - There are several reasons I delete my commemnts(which I have been doing more of lately.)

1. If my feelings are hurt :=(
Like if I comment and the blog administrator doesn't recognize the comment - childish on my part.

2. If I get offtopic and feel I shouldn't have made the comment in the first place.

3. If others on the post make comments that I don't want my name to be associated with.


4. Think of it as editing. Sometimes after a post has gotten a lot of comments I like to go back and remove those of mine that really don't add anything - especially 'smart-ass' remarks, which I like to do but don't want to be thought of like that.

cube said...

Sue: Speak your mind and let it be so. Don't worry about it. Sometimes the blog administrator can't get to your comment in a timely fashion and it's no reflection on you.

So you get off topic. Who cares? It's often a welcome thing.

Don't worry about what others say. So far the Internet is the final frontier of free speech. Revel in that.

I like the anonymity of being Cube. Perhaps you might think about becoming a polyhedron or some other object and just tell a few special people who you are and it will be kept private.

I think that might help you release your views yet not feel so restricted in what you say.

Trekkie4Ever said...

Cube's blog has become one of my favorites there is always something new and informative, and refreshing here.

Great Job!

sue said...

Cube - Your comment was so good that I printed it out (took 8 pages!)

But please tell me exactly what you are talking about when you say I should become a 'polyhedron.'
I googled it and still don't get it.

I think your mind operates on a higher level than mine. :=)

You can even do that on my email address if you still have it.

Or here would be fine.

Jay Noel said...

Let's not also forget Al Gore's own carbon footprint is much larger than any of ours.

Chuck said...

I would like to see Gore charged with fraud

cube said...

Leticia: Careful or your kind words will go right to my polyhedron head and I will become insufferable ;-)

Just kidding. I love the praise. Thank you!

cube said...

Sue: I think all the math & science classes I have taken have warped my mind but that's another post ;-)

My avatar is a cube. A cube, also known as a polyhedron, is a geometric solid in three dimensions with flat faces and straight edges.

I only meant that you could pick your own avatar and be whatever spoke to your soul.

cube said...

Jay Noel: Al Gore's carbon footprint is near that of a small country.

Chuck: From your keyboard to God's ear... or maybe a decent District Attorney's desk.

Z said...

Cube's right...nobody's judging you, and off topic is often a very good thing.....go with it!

sue said...

cube and z - You might say my avatar is a 'square.' :=)

I take life way too seriously -including blogging. I'm always amazed when bloggers are one moment at each others' throats, yet the next time friendly. Trasitioning even at the easiest is hard for me, but you will notice that I keep coming back for more.


Thanks, though. This blogging experience has been a totally postive one, even when I'm reeling from a comment that leaves me devestated!

sue said...

Cube - About your comment that I should express my opinions to a few special people.

Are you talking about on a blog?

Z said...

"This blogging experience has been a totally positive one,"

I'm glad and I'm sure Cube is, too...hang in there, Sue!
I had to laugh at your 'square' remark, considering you're on CUBE's blog!

sue said...

Z - Pun intended. :=)

cube said...

Sue: A blog if you like, but I meant anonymously or under an avatar in which you could speak your mind without feeling the pressures you mentioned in your comment.

sue said...

Cube: I think I get it.

This group would actually serve no real purpose except to 'get things off of my mind.' Kinda like group therapy?

And where do I find these people that I would like to share my thoughts with - and that I trust?

(cube - no matter what my tone may suggest, I'm sincere about this.)

And...I appreciate your time and interest.

cube said...

Sue: some people set up forums, but I can't help you with that. I think the easiest thing is just an anonymous blog where you can tell a few people behind the scenes who you are, but only if you want to. You can keep your secret, yet speak your mind freely.

sue said...

Hey Cube - Thanks for all your help.

Have a great weekend. :=)

cube said...

Sue: Glad to help a fellow blog
buddy. I know we are light years away politically, but there is much else in between that we like to discuss.

sue said...

Cube - Light years apart politicaly - maybe - but the things were agree on in between are infinitely more important.

Political stuff comes and goes - but movies are forever.


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