Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Only In Florida

A 6,000 pound statue held for ransom...

''Big John'' Kidnapped From Cape Coral

Florida is a wild place to live.


sue said...

Cube - This is really interesting.

Although I've never heard of the Big John statue, I'm sorry for the people who will miss him. Things like that become a part of our everyday life - even though they are not flesh and blood.

Let us know if Big John is recovered.


Did you ever hear about the side of a mountain that had a natural 'face' formation? I think it might have been one of an American Indian.

Then one day people got up and saw that it was gone. It was an act of nature, just erosion, but it was something that had been a landmark for a long time. It was in the Eastern States somewhere.

The Big John story reminded me of that.

Jan said...

6000 Pounds? Wouldn't they need a derrick and a large flatbed truck to pull off this heist? I can't imagine the street value of Big John being very much.

hope he is soon reunited with his loved ones.

cube said...

I hope they get Big John back. I still miss Frisch's Big Boy ;-)

I think you might mean The Old Man Of The Mountain in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Mr. Cube grew up in New Hampshire and was sad when it collapsed in 2003.

cube said...

Jan: I can't believe someone pulled off this theft. 6000 pounds! And where would you hide it?

Brooke said...

Wow! I hope it was just a prank and it is returned.

Around these parts, kids just roll up in a pickup and steal a Big Boy.

Trekkie4Ever said...

Seriously?? I don't mean to laugh but the owner actually cried? It's a statue, not a real person.

I hope they find the statue and all will be back to normal.

sue said...

Cube - The Old Man in the Mountain.

That's exactly what I was thinking of.


Jay Noel said...

Maybe Hurricane Irene took it.