Friday, August 26, 2011

Work More

I never even heard of golfer Paul Azinger, but I loved his recent Tweet about Obama:

"Facts: Potus has played more golf this month than I have: I have created more jobs this month than he has."

Golfer Azinger Zings Obama Over Jobs

I'd be curious to read Mr. Azinger's Tweets, if he has any, about about Moochelle's numerous expensive vacations at taxpayer expense...

Time For The White House To Rein In Michelle Obama's Out Of Control Spending

I imagine there will be no control of Moochelle's extravagance. She'll be off to another vacation before too long because she can get away with it. Who's going to stop her?


sue said...
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Jan said...

I remember when the press had a fit for weeks when Nancy Reagan bought new china for the White House and it wasn't even for her personal use or anything.

"dickhead candidates" who is doing the name calling?

sue said...
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Chuck said...

I thought it was funny.

Actually he got in trouble from ESPN for this.

Brooke said...

Chuck is right, it is hilarious (and true), and it is ridiculous that ESPN freaks out anytime anyone remotely connected to them says anything critical of the left.

cube said...

Jan: I remember that it was something she did for the White House. I also remember that she and Ronald Reagan didn't steal stuff from the White House as the Clintons did when they left the WH.

cube said...

Sue: I read your comments in my email. Why did you feel the need to delete them afterwards? I'm not into censorship and would've allowed them to stay.

cube said...

Chuck: It was very funny. I'm glad he did it. I'm sorry he got into trouble with ESPN over it.

Brooke: It's a very depressing thought that the left looms over us at all times.

Always On Watch said...

Nancy Reagan's expenditure benefited the White House as Mrs. Reagan made elegant purchases.

Contrast the above with Michelle Obama and her it's-my-turn-now attitude.

sue said...
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Unknown said...

On the other had our dear President George W. Bush took more vacation than any other recent POTUS. Wonder what President Perry will do? I'm not sure if he plays golf, He does jog though, and shoot coyotes at the same time. He's a real multi-tasker.

Teresa said...

Actually if you count all Obama's golf outings, concerts, and other extracurricular activities Obama has had more time off than Bush did.

Michele is the Wal-Mart of First Ladies. Nancy Reagan and Laura Bush both had class.

Z said...

I have been told that there's an investigation into Michelle's African trip; that there doesn't seem to have warranted the taxpaying dollars paying for a trip that wasn't taxpayer-related.
It won't go anywhere, of course, but it's interesting to consider.

Re White House dishes; they sold them! I'm not sure if it's a typical practice but it happened...sold by the place setting. A friend of mine was in charge of female appointees by Reagan (ambassadors, etc.) and I've had dinner here in L.A. on plates from the Reagan White House/ she bought twelve place settings....the money goes toward the WH, of course.

silly rabbit said...

Great tweet!
As for Moochelle... she was in our neck of the woods visiting her brother who is the BB coach for the Beavers, our arch enemies. She flew into Eugene with much hoopla and took off in black SUV to go for her visit. They had all the streets around her brother's house blocked off. It came to mind that it would have been cheaper for him to visit her at the White House. But what's one more waste of my money?
Funny... my verification word is "wayst"!

Trekkie4Ever said...

Teresa said, "Michele is the Wal-Mart of First Ladies. Nancy Reagan and Laura Bush both had class."

Couldn't have said that better myself.

I have never heard of Mr. Azinger, but he was spot-on. Way to go!

sue said...
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