Thursday, August 04, 2011

Disapointing Act

Satirical Mints Poking Fun At Obama Pulled From University Of Tennessee Bookstore

It was perfectly fine to peddle merchandise poking fun at George Bush though. Free speech and all that...


Not so for followers of D'uh Won... they're very easily outraged.


Jan said...

It's clearly censorship by an arrogant douche with some influence, but what a great advertisement for the Unemployed Philosopher's Guild.

cube said...

I agree with unemployed, but differ about the philosopher part. Philosophising usually involves reading a book and Obama voters aren't the most scholarly people in the world.

BTW the word verication was 'sorify'. How apt.

silly rabbit said...

Figures. But I want some! The man would get such a kick out of those. I wonder if I can still find them somewhere. I'll have to check it out.

sue said...


I think that is pretty darn clever.

(and I'm an Obama supporter.)


cube said...

Silly Rabbit: I would've bought up the entire supply at the bookstore. Now they'll be more expensive on eBay.

JamieDedes said...

Ha! Clever ... Good find.

Granny Annie said...

So do I have to get rid of my Obama dart board with the decorative tea party darts?

cube said...

JamieDedes: Glad you liked it.

Granny Annie: lol! Yes, you can give it to me ;-)

sue said...

Cube - You think that is creepy?

You should see the sculpture somewhere near Washington, D,C,,

It is called The Awakening, and is a huge man rising out of the ground. Most of the body is in the ground (or it appears) and only his hands and feet and scary head are showing.

Have a great week while I am visiting my 96 yr. old mother and possibly looking for a new house.

cube said...

Sue: I googled "The Awakening". You weren't kidding. Yikes!

Have fun with your mom. 96? Good genes must run in your family.

New houses can be good. Just think of all those new corners to turn.