Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Happy Alien Day

April 26, aka 4-26 (as in LV-426) has been dubbed “Alien Day.”

Yes, I'm a fan of the franchise.

Theres A Bunch Of Gorgeous Art Being Released For Alien Day

May your day be bursting with happiness.



LL said...

I prefer the predators to the aliens. Maybe its because the aliens are born to who they are and the predators need to hone their skills --- they're not smart bugs in the way that the aliens are.

I too am a fan of the franchise.

cube said...

LL: You have picked at a bone that continues to be A long-lived spat in my life. My niece and I have a feud about the Alien v Predator debate. She is decidedly pro-Alien and I am decidedly pro-Predator.

I became a fan of the Alien movie when it came out in 1979. Who didn't love being like Ripley? Comon? She was just an everyday woman who rose to the occasion and got the job done. I loved it.

Then, in 1987, the Predator movie came out and I realized this was THE ultimate predator.

Well, my niece doesn't agree and we've had our good-hearted spats over this over many years. It's all in good fun and we love it.

But, and I want to emphasize this, my niece is still wrong about who the ultimate predator is... predator beats alien.

Jan said...

The art is not something I would want to hang on my walls, but they do have a fascination.

cube said...

Jan: The art is cool, but it was never about the art for me. It was always about Ripley, the woman, without super powers, who managed to subdue the evil nonetheless. Ripley was a superhero without any superhero powers and without Batman's tons of money. This was something my niece also felt.

This is for you, K.

messymimi said...

Happy Alien Day to you, too!

DaBlade said...

Ripley did have that cool robot suit. Wasn't there one of those in Avatar also? Now that would be a good battle.

cube said...

Messymimi: Thank you. You will encounter things at this blog that you won't find anywhere else, but you have been forewarned. It's all good.

cube said...

DaBlade: I haven't seen Avatar so I can't comment about that, but what you called Ripley's "robot suit" ... yeah, that I can comment about. "Get Away From Her You Bitch" is often heard around our house, no not really, I just like to say it. It was vintage Ripley and she was my hero.

Sandee said...

This is not my thing, so I'm going to exit stage left.

Have a fabulous Alien Day. ☺

cube said...

Sandee: Please forgive. I do have a sane side... really I do.

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