Tuesday, April 05, 2016


In just the time I've been sitting at the computer trying to resolve my log in problem, I've been bitten eight times by the same mosquito and all of the bites are on my right arm!

Make that nine... I just found one on my elbow.

It's one of the small ones that are hard to swat... probably a zika one.


Jan said...

One of the benefits of our drought...fewer mosquitoes.

messymimi said...

Get some Deep Woods Off or similar spray with high DEET concentration, and next time it comes near you spray it! They hate the stuff, and the doggone thing won't be able to get away from itself and it will be covered in it. Sweet revenge!

Kid said...

When a mosquito gets me I soak the area in alcohol. Like I take the cap off the plastic bottle and apply the opening to the spot where the little vampire got me, squeezing the bottle to force alcohol into my skin layer. If nothing else it eliminates the itch.

btw - One of the benefits of living in a place like Phoenix. None of these vermin can survive there.

Sandee said...

I hate mosquitoes. a lot. They love me and hubby can be just fine and I'm eaten alive.

Have a mosquito free day. ☺

cube said...

Messymimi: If I'm outside, I'll use the stuff, but this was inside the house and I didn't want to smell it for the rest of the day.

Florida mosquitoes are big, you hear them coming and you feel their bite. They're easy to squat if they come near you. I prefer that to bug spray.

This mosquito was so tiny I could barely see it and it was silent. The bites were proportionately small and responded well to Afterbite. I just wish I'd had the satisfaction of killing that little bugger.

cube said...

Kid: I use Afterbite, but alcohol is also good for the itch. And yes, Arizona is great for that. Not at all like the subtropical climate of Florida which mosquitoes like as much as retirees do ;)

cube said...

Sandee: Mosquitoes like some scents over others. I'm not usually plagued by them, but this little bugger saw me as a sitting duck. I was the only one home and he went to town ;)