Sunday, October 07, 2018

The Garden Of Stupid

Seedpods From The Garden Of Stupid

If I had a son... I'd warn him to stay away from liberal women.


Kid said...

A product called Ground Clear will take care of that walkway problem. I get it at Home Depot.

Now if they would only invent something for the violent 3 yr olds we call liberals.

cube said...

Kid: I haven't had good luck with pesticides of any kind. I sprayed a roach once and it flew at me and hid. Hours later, it pretended to be dead and assaulted me a second time. #Metootwo!!!

A proper education would go far to help these lib/progs find common sense, but what is coming out of universities today is a colossal waste of money.

Kid said...

Well, just in case, the ground clear will kill the weeds and grass D E A D, If you have such a situation where you want everything dead there. Takes a little longer than roundup but the effects are better and last longer. I've even used it to kill small trees growing where you can't dig them up. Saw it off leaving about 4 inches, drill a hole in the center and pour some in. Kills the tree but won't kill surrounding vegetation that you may want.

Well, have a great week. No, have a great Year! No wait, have a great Life !! :)

messymimi said...

It's all so sad to watch, though.

As for weeds, vinegar kills them. If you never want anything else to grow there again, mix salt in it. You may have to treat more than once to get rid of stuff permanently, but once enough salt sinks into the ground, nothing will grow there for years and years.

Kid said...

God Bless You Messymimi !

cube said...

Kid: If you checked out her blog, you'd realize that she's a wonder woman in real life.