Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beware Of The Shell

Yesterday we spent the day at Ft. Desoto Park beach

We saw dolphins playing offshore, a stray sting ray or two, and a few friendly grouper who seemed very comfortable around groups of humans in the water.

Then I found this innocuous bivalve shell in the water and set it on our blanket to keep the two sides attached until it was time to go home.

Later, I picked it up and saw a bunch of long legs in it...

Turns out a large spider taken refuge inside the shell presumably to get away from the heat.


Talk about heebie jeebies. Yeah, it wasn't all fun at our day at the beach.


Jan said...

Spiders are our friends. They are carnivorous and eat harmful insects but don't compete with us by eating plants.

cube said...

I agree with you about spiders... up to a point. That point is crossed when I pick them up or they come into up close & personal contact with me, then all bets are off.

I do tolerate spiders better than I tolerate the ginormous cockroaches we get here in Florida. IMO those are the worst.

Ananda girl said...

Had that been me, there would have been a dance and screaming! Shaking of hands too. uuuuugggghhhh

crazy4coens said...

i want to be at the beach - but i want to avoid spiders!

Jamie Dawn said...

That sounded darned near like paradise until the whole spider thing happened. I HATE spiders! If I kill one in the house, then I feel like something is crawling on me for the next few hours. I can't rest and certainly would not be able to sleep after killing a spider. They are hitonious!!!!!
Other than that, I'm glad you had a nice time at the beach.


birdwoman said...

I see your heebie and raise you a jeebie - I was dealing with trash day when we had crab cadavers in the trash. Our can was filled with larval flies - one of which I found crawling on my leg about 10 minutes later.

I still shiver.


cube said...

Ananda Girl: Oh, there were
screams. I don't pick up a large spider and bring it close to my face without invloving some screaming . My youngest went into scream mode too because I scared her.

I'm just glad the spider hid in the shell and didn't decide to crawl on me while I was reading on the blanket.

cube said...

Crazy4coens: You and me both.

Jamie Dawn: Other than the spider incident, it was a super nice day at the beach.

birdwoman: Ewwwwww. I've never heard about hitchhiking maggots before.