Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Halo Slippage

The intern oogling at the G8 Summit in Italy made the news (above), but I just found out about this...

Obama Forgets Where He Met Michelle In Moscow Speech (Video)

What? BO said he met Michelle in class when they really met at work?

Yikes! Only a pathological liar would lie about something that can so easily be corroborated.

One journalist has already excused the incident by blaming it on BO's jetlag, but I wonder if the TOTUS wasn't already ailing then, exhibiting symptoms of the illness that would ultimately cause its untimely demise once back in the US.

Poor TOTUS just couldn't handle the level of lies.



Anonymous said...

Next they'll be telling us that the interns were just picking up quarters.


dmarks said...

"Obama Forgets Where He Met Michelle In Moscow"

So, did he meet her in Gorki Park, or in the Kremlin?

Ananda girl said...

Even I remember where I met StbX! And that was a bazillion years ago.

crazy4coens said...

That man has GOT to stop looking at female butts!

Jan said...

Why is this surprising. He forgets many many things.

cube said...

Lee: Both BO & Zarkozy were spotted with rolls of quarters in their pockets ;-)

dmarks: lol. I just copied & pasted what was on the Huffington Post, not a site known for their grammar... or any other activity requiring cerebral engagement.

Ananda Girl: I hear ya. It's not something anybody forgets. Just another example of how the press is giving this guy a pass at every turn. Jetlag my ass!

cube said...

Crazy4coens: He should, but he won't because he won. The MSM will cover for him no matter how much he screws up. He knows he gets a
perpetual pass.

cube said...

Jan: I can understand people forgetting things that don't matter much in the scheme of things, but forgetting the circumstances of how you met your spouse is unforgivable.

Honestly, I don't think BO forgot. I think he lied because he was pandering to a crowd. The Obamas,
like the Clintons, will say anything to anyone if they think they will gain political advantage.

Brooke said...

Either the previous comment is spot on, or BHO is such a malignant narcissist that he really can't remember and will just make up his own reality.

Either way, it's not a good scene.

cube said...

Brooke: I don't believe they don't know their own reality, but I think they're willing to tell us pogues whatever it takes to gain political advantage. Whatever keeps them in power is what they want us to believe.

MathewK said...

"One journalist has already excused the incident by blaming it on BO's jetlag...."

What would he do without so many sniveling sycophants slobbering all over his ass every day.