Monday, July 13, 2009

Both Ways BO

Obama Doesn't Want To Look Back, But Attorney General Eric Holder May Probe Bush-era Torture Anyway

AG Holder is thinking of investigating President Bush, yet he drops charges on the clearly guilty Black Panthers on the charges of voter intimidation at polling places in Chicago during the election of 2008?

GOP, Holder Battle Over New Black Panthers

Holder isn't just playing politics, he's playing race politics.


crazy4coens said...

That sounds dangerous.

Ananda girl said...

LCR had a video tape that a college student made of the intimidation of the voters. It was very obvious.
Shameful how that was handled. That was a serious constitutional offense.
One of our guaranteed rights!

Brooke said...


Nothing will come of this, too, I'm sure.

Jan said...

A hands on President, but only when he wants to be, when the focus group says so.

cube said...

crazy4coens: Very dangerous indeed.

Ananda Girl: The incident has been totally documented, the Black Panthers lost the case in court, yet Obama's Justice dept. decided to drop the charges. But we shouldn't infer any nefarious motives, eh?

Brooke: Nothing will come of it if we all just roll over & play dead while they crush our basic constitutional rights.

Jan: The only 'hands on' thing about BO is his hands on our money for his outrageous tax increases.

EDGE said...

"I'm sorry I ruined your Black Panther party." - Forrest Gump

Always On Watch said...

Plus, it's a diversion from the disastrous economic policies of the Bush administration.

dmarks said...

"Plus, it's a diversion from the disastrous economic policies of the Bush administration."

True. The Bush years are being buried by the even worse Obama years.

Makes you wonder if George W. Bush secretly paid Obama to implement his policies in order to make the Bush years look a lot better in comparison, and "save his presidential legacy".

Edge; I LOVE that movie!

cube said...

Edge: Good quote.

AlwaysOnWatch: I don't think the Bush admin's economic policies were that bad. It was only at the very end of his term that Bush faltered when he believed his economists that to not bail out the banks would be a disaster.

I firmly believe that BO inherited a crisis and turned it into a catastophe.

Dmarks: The Bush years were largely talked down by the MSM,
but with the exception of 9/11 and its aftermath, I didn't think they were so bad.

I do agree that the BO years are looking very bleak indeed. God help us if we get hit under his watch.

MathewK said...

Race politics ey, isn't that how hussein o got the vote in the first place.