Friday, July 03, 2009

Cat Blog Friday

For this Cat Blog Friday, in honor of this... Statue Of Liberty's Crown Reopens On July 4th...

... a Statue of Liberty cat.

Happy Friday and Happy Fourth of July, everybody!

*click on image to enlarge*


crazy4coens said...
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crazy4coens said...

Again - I can't spell (and somehow disappeared the spell check option) :(. I'll try again - thank you so much for the post. I always love your links. How did they get the cat to hold that pose long enoguh to sculpt her?

Z said...

Leave it to YOU!! Super post for CUBE's cat Friday! AND THE WEEKEND.

Happy Fourth!

Ananda girl said...

You could not have found a better choice! How great is it that it's out there on the street somewhere?

Happy 4th Cube to you and yours! Celebrate with care.

Jan said...

A most appropriate graphic. You must have looked long and hard to find it. have a great weekend.

Caz said...

Happy Independence Day to Cube and the rest of you!

God bless America.

dmarks said...

With feline lips. "Give me your rats, your mice,

Your huddled rodents yearning to eat cheese,

The wretched vermin of your teeming walls.

I lift my paw beside the golden mouse-hole!"

Gecko said...

Happy July 4th everyone. Thank you and Bless you all!

Unknown said...


Gifted Typist said...

I want to sing Star Spangled Banner in Cat

Ananda girl said...

dmarks-- You are a hoot!

cube said...

crazy4coens: I hit publish too fast myself. Then I read what I typed and I cringe. I'm a great speller, but I'm not the best typist.

Z and Ananda Girl: Thank you. Glad you liked this July 4th cat post.

Jan: Thanks but all I did was a quick Google image. I remember when research took oodles of time, going through books and magazines. It's so easy now.

cube said...

Caz: I'm touched. Really. You can't get better allies than the Australians. God bless the OZ.

dmarks: You have outdone yourself again :-)

Gekko: Ditto!!!!

Jill: I hope the catstute of limitations doesn't run out on that ;-)

Gifted Typist: I think it would something akin to Yoko Ono ;-)

Ananda Girl: He is very clever.

crazy4coens said...

cube - i can't spell or type - so it's a really fun world for me!

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