Wednesday, July 08, 2009


White House Spells Obama's Name Wrong

lol! You made your affirmative action bed, now you lie in it.


Anonymous said...

They should've stuck with Barry Soetoro.


nanc said...

absotively HIGHLARIOUS!

Ananda girl said...

Oh no... hahahahaha! Yes sir-eee. We are right on top of it aren't we?

The ink is a hoot too!

Brooke said...



Jamie Dawn said...

They need to just stick with Barry; it's easier. Of course, they might get that wrong too and spell it Berry. How about just B. O.? That smells about right.


birdwoman said...

Is that picture real or photo shopped?

And I think a shakespeare quote fits, "a rose by any other name..."


cube said...

Lee: Then they would've misspelled

Nanc: laffable ;-)

Ananda Girl: Move along. Nothing to see here.

Brooke: I'd agree and say maroons, but Bugs was cool when he used the word and these morons are most definitely not cool.

Jamie Dawn: I use BO almost exclusively.

crazy4coens said...

They were translating from the Russian - what do you expect?