Wednesday, August 31, 2005

American Aid

Americans along the Gulf Coast need help.
has an excellent round-up of charities to which you can send donations.

Please give what you can and then give a little more. It's a good cause and you'll feel good about it - a nice unintended consequence.

BTW I sure wish Hollywood and the Live-Aid people would rush to help Americans in their hour of need.

I know I will.


kajira said...

Hey, Cubey! :) Yeah, it's me. There is a local station here in L.A. that has two fund raising situations going (more than two, but these are physical, people drive there type places). One is at the Anaheim Pond (home of the Mighty Ducks) and one at Dodger Stadium (in Orange County). The guy (he's one of the weather prognositcators for the station) said he was challenging all the people in Hollywood to come out and give.

I thought that was da bomb!! Now, let's hope they respond...

cube said...

Yeah, let's hope they of the big checkbooks respond to help their fellow Americans.

Mattithyahu said...

Yeah, celebs... they seem to be only interested in important global issues... not silly issues in our own country!