Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Octo-haute Couture

No, this isn't a photoshop photo. This model displays a creation of Colombian designer Carlos Valenzuela during the Colombiamoda fair in Medellin.

This is illustrative of the over-rated, over-priced crap that is churned out by the fashion industry. Who can take this seriously?


frstlymil said...

Good God - I MUST have that hat! Quick, where's my checkbook and does Nordstrom do a knock-off?


Thanks for stopping by - you have a great site.

cube said...

Come to think of it, Madonna may have been wearing one of these designer hats when she spooked that horse.

Jeff said...

While on the subject of Madonna, will that be her next bra?

cube said...

You never know what that skillful marketer will do next.

Jessica said...

That hat looks like a squid attacked that poor girl. Alert the aquarium staff immediately!