Saturday, August 13, 2005

Crawford Redux

Am I the only one that thinks of the theme to Bonanza when I see this scene?

Dum teh deh dum teh deh dum teh deh dum dum dum dum....


no name said...

laughing!!! yes, i can hear the music.
i answered your comment at my blog, since others may be curious about the same thing.
It was an insightful observation, thank you.

MCF said...

Personally, I can picture a word balloon saying "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!" over him. =)

Darrell said...

I always thing about Reservoir Dogs.

cube said...

I never saw Reservoir Dogs, but if I were a liberal (which I'm not) I might be tempted to say The Monkeys.

cary said...


Thanks! I needed a tear-inducing laugh today!

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