Thursday, August 18, 2005

Pitiable Cindy

Move America Forward will be conducting the “You Don’t Speak for Me, Cindy” caravan beginning next week. It will feature military family members who have loved ones serving in the war against terrorism in Iraq or Afghanistan. The delegation will be led by Deborah Johns of Marine Moms. (Her son has served in Operation Iraqi Freedom).

Cindy Sheehan speaks for liberal fringe groups like, who don't have America's best interests in mind. She does not speak for me!

If she doesn't speak for you either, check out the
Move America Forward website.

Freedom and free speech aren't free. Volunteer to caravan, send a donation, or do both if you can.

Raise your voices, America. Cindy isn't the only one with something to say.


Shane Coffey said...

You people are wrong, Cindy is speaking for herself. Those groups allied themselves with her. Please stop repeating everything you hear on tv and form your own opinion. Those organizations would not be there if the media had not made such a big deal about Cindy doing this sit in. republicans are trying to rewrite history by saying we are over there to liberate. That is simply not true. We went there to find weapons of mass destruction, which the bush administration never found and now are trying to backpeddle their butts into a good reason for being over there.

Let's do it right, if are now liberators now, then lets go to africa and liberate about 50 countries. While we are at it, lets liberate countries in Afria, South America, Central America, Asia, Europe, the middle east, and africa. Stop using the liberation chant and start talking about what this war was really about. And that my friends is oil.

But you say look at the gas prices they are two high, how can it be about oil. Well in any monopoly if you control the whole industry, you can set the prices you want. Since the Saudi's, the Bin Ladins, and the Bushs have all been friends for 20 to 30 years. It makes since that they have control of it all. We can fix the gas prices right now by releasing the oil reserves, Clinton would do it. Why not bush?

I know there will be a ton of republicans who will make comments back about this post. Those folks will be the first slaves when bush declares Martial Law.

cube said...

Thanks for your comments, Shane Coffey. I disagree vehemently with everything you posted, but defend your right to free speech, however misguided your views are.

tlm said...

Exactly, cube. I wonder if Shane knows where that right really came from, and what our enemies think of it.

(There's nothing like a lecture from a tin-foil hat wearing lefty to start off the morning!)

cary said...

"Clinton would do it"

Really? The only thing Clinton "did" while in the White House was Lewinsky.

He didn't chase down bin Laden when he had the chance, he didn't allow troops to follow up on any of the terrorist attacks while he was acting president, he didn't do squat for the freedoms and liberties that many of us put our lives on the line for. I lost friends because of the wimpy reaction to terrorism that Clinton had. Don't tell me Clinton would have done anything differently - when he had the chance, he wimped out.

As far as Cindy, I will defend to the death her right to say anything she wants. Her son, however, has already spoken volumes in opposition to her stance. She needs to go home and think about what exactly her son paid for.

cube said...

Well said, tlm & cary. The best way to counter the looney twaddle from the left is with logic & facts. They hate that sort of stuff.

Luka said...

So, tell me again why Bush can't take an hour out of 5 week vacation to just TALK to the woman?! He can't do that WHY again? Bush is smuck of the first oder.

cube said...

I believe President Bush spoke to her already, but she's not helping her case any by continuing to mouth what Christopher Hitchins calls, "the most sinister piffle".

It's the President's call, but I don't blame him for keeping her at arm's length.

tlm said...

Hitch is so right. Calling Bush a terrorist definitely isn't helping her cause!

I can't wait to see the video of Bush's caravan when he leaves the Crawford ranch at the end of his vacation. The video of publicity-whore Cindy eating some of the Presidential motorcade's dust will be priceless, I'm sure.

Jay said...

She speaks for me.

Much more than that alcoholic deserter vacationing at his play ranch.

Unknown said...

Cube! Great post! I came here from BlogExplosion's home page-congrats on makein' 'Blog Of The Day'.
I agree with you about this issue and will check back often.

GC said...

Cindy speaks for me.

cube said...

This brings to mind the old aphorism, "Who is the bigger fool, the fool or one who follows the fool?"

Arethusa said...

This brings to mind the bigger question: when will people start mouthing empty rhetoric, empty insults ("right wingers are southern cletuses!", "the 'left' hates the truth!") and attempt to conduct some reasoned, respectful discourse?

Have fun tearing each other apart, earnestly trying to one-up each other.

cube said...

Actually, it is fun. At least I enjoy it. But Arethusa brings up a good point. Cindy Sheehan referring to President Bush as "the biggest terrorist in the world" doesn't open avenues of decent, honest discourse.

BTW shouldn't the plural of cletuses be cleti?

Queequeg said...

Hey Cube,

Great Blog. Right again.

The WMD exist and were used. To believe otherwise is just stupid. Sorry but there it is. The only mistake we made is when credulous republicans believed the dog squeeze coming from the democrats and the U.N. They did something as absurd as waste 12 years letting bagmen like Hans Blix pretend to search for weapons Saddam used throughout the Iran/ Iraq war in the 80's and on the shiites and Kurds.

While the Cindy acolites demand new and even more ridiculous "rights" than can be codified in the Massachussetts legisature, real men and women are trying to build a nucleus of reason and civilization in a part of the world that has been ignored at our great peril: Remember 9/11?

Now we see what Clinton's lies resulted in. The death of thousands of innocent people in New York and the Pentagon. Able Danger proves this abundantly. So it is clear-the anti Bush crowd are traitors and I welcome them to speak their lies in my presence;no aid and comfort will acrue to the enemy if I hear the treasonous dogs.

No, Cindy does not speak for me.
Here is another little tid bit; that line about supporting the troops but not the war is a great ticket to the dentist. Sudden tooth loss seems to follow the that line with greater frequency.

Free speech only applies to government repression not to the fist of an offended grunt. Or those who love and admire them.

Sempre Fi Cube,


cube said...

LOL. Ticket to the that!

People have short memories when it suits them. Clinton partied for 8 years, ignoring the gathering storm of global terror, but you'd never know it from those with convenient memories. That's why we have to keep reminding them.

Thanks for your comments, QQ.

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