Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Chinagate Redux

You remember the Clinton Administration's transfer of sensitive technology to Communist China in exchange for campaign contributions.

How Chinagate Led To 9/11

Well, Madame Rodham, is no less a Manchurian candidate than Bill.

Big Source of Clinton's Cash
Is An Unlikely Address

Why are the ChiComs funneling money into Hillary's campaign coffers?

For the same reason Castro thinks a Hillary/Obama ticket in 2008 is a dream team.


nanc said...

not to mention clinton sealed the deal on giving the panama canal control to the chinese - carter started the process...

is there anybody these people won't sleep with?

for crying out loud - look at chelsea - she looks just like her father, janet reno!


The Merry Widow said...

And then there is algore the tree and his visits to chinese buddhist monasteries in Californiastan!


Brooke said...

Imagine if this were a GOP scandal... The media would be all over it! Yet, the Dems get a quick sweep under the rug. SPIT!

cube said...

nanc: Is it any wonder that Castro also picked Carter as his favorite American president. Those commies know who they can pay off.

tmw: This is the same type of scam.

brooke: The news is full of Senator Craig. Not one peep about this on the MSM.

cube said...

I finally saw this story mentioned on Fox News ~5 PM. Good luck finding it anywhere else.

David Amulet said...

God help any candidate whose donors' backgrounds are fully explored.

-- david

cube said...

d.a.: I can't think of one Republican candidate being supported by the Red Chinese. Can you?

Unknown said...

I will refrain from commenting. As an independent I can only say please find some place for Dear George to go after his term is over. That is other than Texas. We had him, now it's your turn. And please find a good home for Alberto and Tom too. Thank you for adopting them, they need good homes. Just not in Texas.

cube said...

jill: whatever your feelings are about President Bush, he's not running in 2008.

cube said...

I heard that Hillary is giving the
Hsu check to charity -- uh huh, the Human Fund, I'll wager.

I'd like to see some documentation from the charity.

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