Monday, August 20, 2007

More Is More

Last Thursday, The BLOG highlighted Randell Hoven's compilation of 62 incidents of media mishaps, screw-ups, liberal bias, etc.

Today I bring you 21 additional names that Hoven has added to the "Media Hall of Shame" for a total of 83.

Not Just Scott Beauchamp II

I've made a hard copy of this article so that it will be at the ready to smack the nearest liberal who whines about right wing media bias.


WomanHonorThyself said...

ya mean theres media bias? way!

Brooke said...

Is the hard copy so that, when the next leftard whines, you can roll it up and shove it... Well, you know.

cube said...

angel: I know what you're saying. We know there's media bias. We're all sick of talking about media bias.

My point is that I can't just rattle off these instances off the top of my head, consequently, I find this list very handy.

cube said...

brooke: Yes, that is just one more handy use for this list, which by the way is getting sturdier & sturdier with each passing day ;-)

Jamie Dawn said...

I remember that "flushing a Koran down the toilet" story. What hype was made over that one!!
The media bias these days is so flagrant it is laughable - and it makes you wanna cry.
Some of those other stories just show that some media sources will go to any lengths to get a "good" story, even if they have to make some of it up themselves.