Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yet Another Silly Quiz

You're Cat's Cradle!

by Kurt Vonnegut

You believe quite firmly that free will deserted you long ago and far
away. As a result, it's hard to take responsibility for anything. Even though you show
great potential as a leader of a small 3rd world country, the choices are all made ahead
of time. You're rather fond of games involving string. Your fear of nuclear weaponry is
trumped only by your fear of ice.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

Why do I subject myself to these silly things?


nanc said...

i was george orwell, animal farm...this time...

The Merry Widow said...

You're Fahrenheit 451!
by Ray Bradbury
Having wanted to be a firefighter much of your life, you've recently discovered the job wasn't exactly what you were looking for. While ignorance seems like the result of oppression, it all began with people just wanting to be ignorant. As you realize more about the sordid world around you, you decide to watch less TV and work on your memorization skills. Though your memory will save you in the end, don't forget to practice running from dogs as well.


The Merry Widow said...

BTW-I was looking something up and ran across this little gem...



cube said...

nanc: good book.

tmw: also a good book.

I just thought it was humorous that I ended up with a book that referenced the word 'cat'.

cube said...

tmw: lol!

I didn't know Qo'noS had a Delaware River to ;-)

Thanks for sharing.

The Merry Widow said...

You mean you've never heard of the famous Battle at the D'Ela'warr'e River?

What do they teach in history classes these days?

cube said...

tmw: Songs were written about the heroic warriors in that mighty battle. Many cups of Klingon blood wine were hefted in their honor. How could I forget ;-)

Anonymous said...

"Why do I subject myself to these silly things?"
I'll second that, cube!

I got "Les Miserables"
by Victor Hugo!!!!(shakes head and snirtles)

The Merry Widow said...

Cube-I thought I recognized a "proper" education. One must recognize and emulate the deeds of the great warriors...or at least not get seasick during the yearly reinactments...burp!

Why they had to do it during the worst storm of the season...urp.

Caz said...

Well that one sucks.

I didn't even get a literary work:

You're Compassion Fatigue!
by Susan Moeller


Me thinks the results are randomly generated, based on nothing at all.

cube said...

tmw: Sounds like you were toasting more than a few warriors with the blood wine ;-)

caz: It's just meaningless fluff.

Brooke said...

You're afraid of ice?

Not good for someone who goes by the moniker Cube...

*ducks and runs*

cube said...

brooke: Yet another reason why these online quizzes should be disregarded.

Me afraid of ice... why that's absurd!

cube said...

btw: I am a devote of Cat's Cradle.

nanc said...

this evening i'm:

"You're Hamlet!
by William Shakespeare
Something is rotten in your state. You don't know whether you would rather live or die. And you keep speaking (unwittingly) in iambic pentameter. Even with these setbacks, you have no idea just how awful life can get. With your whole family in turmoil and your love interest soaked, there isn't exactly room for hope in your world. No wonder you talk to yourself all the time!"

i'm having the intense desire to go write a poem... said...

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