Monday, August 27, 2007

Not Kosher

From Miami comes news that DOC Puts End To Inmates' Kosher Meals

The Corrections Dept. has ended the Jewish Dietary Accommodation Program, which provided kosher meals to Jews and Moslems, because the state system does not offer halal food. The dept. will continue to offer vegetarian and vegan meals.

Hey, I have an idea. If you're so worried about your diet, don't break the law!
They're lucky they don't have Warden Cube.



nanc said...

funny how they can follow a dietary law, but forget about the laws of the land...just me thinking out loud...again...


cube said...

With very few exceptions, I don't have a whole lot of sympathy for people who choose to break the law.

Prisoners getting custom cuisine is a waste of taxpayer money. You eat what you get or you go hungry.
Those are their choices.

Brooke said...

Amen, Cube, and Nanc!

I vote for Warden Cube!

cube said...

brooke: I can't believe they complained about Ida Lupino as warden in the movies. I always thought she was too soft ;-)

The Merry Widow said...

I've always liked that sheriff of Mariposa County who feed the inmates a cheese or bologna sandwich for lunch...he would have my vote if I lived there!


cube said...

tmw: When I attending catholic school in the late '60's in NYC, we had a bowl of soup, a sandwich, a container of milk. and a cookie for lunch every single day. If that was good enough for us, then it sure as heck is plenty for criminals on the taxpayer's dime.

When I think about these goons getting fresh vegetables every day when honest, god-fearing Americans have to make do with macaroni & cheese or potato-based dishes everyday, it turns my stomach.

This is a travesty.

Oh yeah, Warden Cube would be a formidable force against crime.

Caz said...

Nanc makes an excellent point.

Nothing else to say, is there?