Friday, August 10, 2007

Literary Mission

Well, The Best Of The BLOG didn't go, but a glass CD loaded with literary, visual and audio science fiction works about the red planet was strapped to NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander and will reach Mars in 10 months.

Space Library Heads Towards Mars

That should keep the Martians busy for a while ;-)


Anonymous said...


WomanHonorThyself said...

heh have a great weekend Cube!

birdwoman said...

I wonder if they put Mars Attacks! on there?

(slim whitman saves the world!!)


Caz said...

Er, so did they include a CD player, an extension cord and power adapter, 3-D glasses, and a picnic lunch?

These cute little gestures are really very strange. Actually, make that: "moonbatty".

Seriously, if the alien-contact phone ever rings, we should not answer.

cube said...

angel: you too!!!

bw: Yikes! That's one movie that should be obliterated just on it's own merits.

BTW Slim Whitman doesn't save the world on this reality either. Just what are you smoking?

caz: If these advanced species are so much more advanced than we are that they would require instructions from us lesser beings, then I say, "Pfttttt on you!"

Jamie Dawn said...

That's great!
I like the cartoon you chose for the post.

Brooke said...

Clearly the Martians would require an adapter of some sort... If they were so much more advanced, we'd all be wearing green suits right now! :P

nanc said...

martians - schmartians!

i read "the blog" so i'm not worried.

cube said...

I've read all the books they mentioned in the article. The colonization of Mars has fascinated me since I was a small child. And I do belive that Earthlings will one day be the Martians.

j.d.: thanks

brooke: Let's hope it's not like the Traveling Gnome's attempt to use American appliances in Europe.

nanc: lol!

birdwoman said...

slim whitman is a birdwoman family story that I may someday blog about. It's not my story, but it's still pretty funny and makes Slim Whitman rather a celeb (not in a good manner) in the nest of bird.

But, I still liked that movie, in a weird kind of way.