Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Lost: Giant Lego Man

Giant Lego Man Fished From The Sea

Who loses an 8 foot Lego man?


birdwoman said...

"no real than you are"

The people who dropped it in the ocean probably realized that they spent all this time on a mannequin statement that made no sense.


Brooke said...

Folks around here are always stealing Big Boy...

cube said...

bw: That reminds me of the old "all your base are belong to us", but they didn't throw those video games into the ocean. These people must be very clumsy to lose a giant Lego man.

brooke: Can you blame them? Who wouldn't want a Frische's Big Boy on their lawn ;-)

BeckEye said...

Hmm, he has big feet. I bet those slutty Bratz all took turns with Lego Man.

Jamie Dawn said...

It came from the direction of England.
Hmmmm. I'd say that Lego Man is sea worthy, wouldn't you?
8 feet tall????
That's a pretty cool find!