Saturday, December 17, 2005

Bad Fashion

A model (doesn't she look pleased?) presents a creation by designer Anna Modig of Sweden from the Beckman's College of Design Nybrogatan during the 2005 International Young Fashion Designer's Competition in Paris.

Young fashion designers compete for awards in two categories, totally ridiculous or unabashadly absurd.


Jamie Dawn said...

Two observations:
1. That outfit is hitonious.
2. Somebody feed that girl!

Onotheo said...

I don't see anything wrong with the girl. She's beautiful. The outfit by itself is actually artistic and beautiful too. I wonder if she wore it the right way, something seems to be just wrong with the configuration.

Opinionnation said...

Her face is beautiful but her skelet- body is not.

I agree with Jamie, someone needs to feed her.

cube said...

Art is relative and apparently, so is anorexia. I didn't notice how skinny she was until J.D. brought it up.

Jen said...

Is that a bicycle basket on her butt?

cube said...

Jen: Meow!

cube said...

Bicycle basket? Maybe. I think the whole outfit is a wicker cage that went awry.

MCF said...

The basketcase outfit is a horror show. I have no problem with the girl though. She's skinny, but not extremely so, and certainly not anorexic.

Jessica said...

It looks like some sort of maternity truss gone horribly wrong.

Charles Lennox IV said...

Seriously, this can't be fashion?

XGamer GrrlX said...

Oh gag. Eat a burger and put on something decent. I thought models were something you WANTED to be, not something that screams "WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T BE ME!!"

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