Tuesday, December 27, 2005

New Yankee

Ex-Red Sox centerfielder, Johnny Damon is the newest New York Yankee!

I know some Red Sox fans who aren't happy about this, but as a Yankees fan, I can't complain. [Cue evil laugh].


Jessica said...

I just love how they made him shave.
It's so degrading.

Sar said...

You're kidding. You're a 47 freak and a Yankee fan (hello - same here!)? Are you sure you're not a blue guy/gal(?) in disguise too? ;)

Charles Lennox IV said...

That trade just doesn't seem to fit for some reason.

cube said...

sar: I'm definitely red. So red that I hate that red is associated with commies too.

cube said...

cl iv: give it a chance. The Red Sox desperately need good outfielders. This might work out.

Sar said...

That's alright Cube. You're a 47-er so that trumps all else. :)

cube said...

Sar, do you prefer 47-er to 47-ite?

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