Friday, December 09, 2005

Hazardous Loo

At the risk of having The BLOG called The Toilet BLOG, I want to post this story about a student in Ukraine who had to be freed by rescuers after dropping his mobile phone down a toilet and getting his arm stuck trying to retrieve it.

The man, a Lebanese national studying at Odessa's State Academy of Refrigeration, was trapped for two hours before being freed.

One more reason toilets and technology don't mix.


markus said...

i do see a little toilet pattern happening but i kinda like it.

birdwoman said...

Dropped my mobile in the loo once - the self-same mobile that has me tied to work 24x7.

I swear, it was an accident.



cube said...

I've heard of them being dropped into Big Gulps, carwash buckets, and, yes even toilets, but I think this guy getting his arm trapped in a toilet takes the cake.

birdwoman: of course it was an accident. I *cough cough* believe you ;-)

Jamie Dawn said...

That phone would have to be mighty important for me to shove my hand down a public commode.

cube said...

I know, especially with how cheap cell phones are nowadays. I mena, how much is your arm worth, dude?